About RGC Executive Search

RGC is a specialist executive search firm whose main business is in identifying leading Thai and expatriate candidates for senior executive positions across a wide range of functions.

RGC works for leading multinational organisations, large local conglomerates, and smaller entrepreneurial companies, whose most common characteristic is their commitment to performance improvement. 

The firm's client base is diverse to ensure there are not too many clients in any one sector that would be 'off limits' to any search for an existing or new client. 


Every search is unique. The company, the corporate environment, the organisational structure, reporting relationships and personalities of those connected with the position to be filled - and the urgency - all have an important bearing on the search process. But, while we have to tailor our efforts to meet individual client requirements, we do follow a systematic approach that is common to all assignments. 

We meet our client for a detailed briefing discussion and develop a position description and a candidate specification, which describe the basic duties and responsibilities and the essential qualifications and personal characteristics of the people to be identified, and ensures that we have a correct understanding of the requirement. 

We develop the search strategy and research target industries and companies likely to employ well qualified executives closely matching the specification. 

Having discreetly identified an initial list of prospective candidates, we then approach and interview in-depth those that best match the requirement to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their accomplishments and potential, their interest in the opportunity and their cost. 

We present the most qualified candidates to our client in the form of detailed, confidential written reports. 

We make the arrangements for the preferred candidate to meet our client, usually in a mutually confidential environment, following which we make reference checks with full candidate approval. 

Once our client selects a candidate, we provide assistance in negotiating the acceptance of the offer of employment. And later, after commencement, we provide our client with support in following both the orientation and progress of the candidate appointed. 

Usually, during the course of an assignment, the identity of our client is not disclosed, at least up to the stage when our client starts meeting selected candidates. This enables the maximum of discretion and flexibility.